A long time ago in a land of waves & fresh air, I made my partner a gift. A box of love. She loved my gift, it made her cry! “Wow” I thought “perhaps I should make some more” So I did & the people who brought them liked them too. So here I am.

Its all about the love!

Little gifts made with love to share with the ones that you love.
Small tokens just mean so much and can be treasured for years to come.
Always tell the special people in your life that you love them & give them a gift to show them too.
There can’t be too much love in the world can there?

Hello, my name is Melanie & I live by the sea in Essex.

Mel limeandalien
Thats me on the left.

My shop is called LimeAndAlien as its an anagram of mine and my partners name and I love the sound of it.

My inspiration is love and the beautiful feelings it brings. We all need love in our lives and my personalised gifts are lovely tokens to give to someone you love and care about. I want the recipient of my items to feel full of joy when they receive their gift and I also want you to feel equally special having given that joy to them.

My pictures look better in real life than I can seem to capture on a photo. If you buy a picture and then decide it isn’t all you were hoping for, then you can return it for a refund. This ensures you are 100% happy with your purchase.

International buyers including USA/New Zealand/Australia please allow approx. 2 to 4 weeks for delivery of boxes.

All my work is my own, all my papers and words etc. are hand chosen by me for their beauty or richness or texture and then cut by hand only by me. Sometimes there are slight imperfections as I am not a machine, but I do believe this adds to the very nature of a hand crafted product.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.